2.2 million

men and women

behind bars

92% will be released from prison.
Two out of three will return within three years.

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How you can help


Inmates ask us to pray for their families. This is a much voiced request. They ask for care and also that God moves in their lives to bring them also to Christ.


Help us to reach prisoners for Christ.  We offer many ways to donate securely.


There are many ways to contribute your time.  We need lesson corrector, prison visitors and clerical assistance.

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Top ? #13 How Do I Pray?

Top ? #13 How Do I Pray?

After over 65 years of ministry, we have developed the top 27 questions people ask us so we would like to share these questions each week for our weekly blog and share the answers as a resource for you all to use in your ministry, churches, and family. Top ? #13 How...

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