A Brief History of Prison Mission Association

In 1955 Joe Mason had a visitation ministry in a small circuit of county jails in Texas. As inmates responded to the Gospel the need increased for a free Bible correspondence program to help new Christians become grounded in the scriptures. The result was the establishment of Prison Mission Association, formed with the goal of reaching prisoners for Christ and helping them study God’s Word.

Here is a Leadership timeline for PMA:

Joe Mason, Founder and Director, 1955-1990

Vern Bigelow, Director 1990-1995

Nathan Whitham, Director 1996 -2001

Bob Bobo, Interim Director,  for 6 months in 2001

Don Sommer, Director 2001-2011

Joe Campos, Director 2011-2013

Dwight Anderson, Director 2014- present.

Although PMA’s primary focus is on America’s inmate population, it became apparent that not all of our students were incarcerated. There are also many groups and individuals not directly associated with PMA who are using our materials for prison and non-prison ministries both in the US and abroad. Bible Correspondence Fellowship is the branch of PMA that handles all English correspondence courses.

Biblico Bereano was established to minister to the Hispanic community through Bible correspondence courses. Today our student base is drawn from nearly twenty countries spanning all six populated continents.

PMA’s home office is now located in Port Orchard, Washington with a regional office in Burnsville, MN where Pastor Dwight Anderson is located. We have expanded our ministry by making our correspondence lessons available through e-mail and over the Internet.

As we celebrate 60 years of prison ministry, we have embarked on a bold new 10 year vision to expand our courses to the next level with Biblical leadership and ministry training to help inmates reach inmates for Christ and plant churches in prisons! To read more on this exciting new outreach and find link to download our new trifold that explains this.


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Any person is free to reproduce and use these lessons as a tool for training people in the Scriptures. The copyright for these lessons belongs to Prison Mission Association.


Inmates ask us to pray for their families. This is a much voiced request. They ask for care and also that God moves in their lives to bring them also to Christ.


There are many ways to contribute your time. We need help in our office with clerical assistance, correcting lessons, prison visitation, distributing lessons into prisons, visiting churches sharing testimonies of how God is reaching people and our need for support.


Help us to reach prisoners for Christ. We offer many ways to donate securely.

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