What are the 12 Seeds?

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The 12 Seeds are principles that contribute to strong, healthy relationships. They are ​important in a growing relationship with the Lord and with others. They are also ways to transform a life, a friendship, a family, a workplace. Change usually takes time and effort. But the harvest is well worth it. People will be positively impacted. Try it!

The 12 Seeds form an Acrostic: RELATIONSHIP. Acrostics help people remember important concepts. 

A Handbook for Receiving & Sharing God's Love

  • Is love only a feeling?
  • Why do people get hurt when they try to love?
  • What does God’s love look like in daily life?
  • How can I share God’s love?

This book is designed to clarify what God’s love is, how it differs from other kinds of love, how it can be received and then how it can be shared via 12 practical life skills: 12 Seeds

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