The Statement of Faith 

In view of the present unrest concerning doctrinal matters within the sphere of evangelical Christianity, and to answer any inquiries related to the doctrinal positions  of the board and staff of Prison Mission Association, the following doctrinal statement has been set forth.

We Believe In:


The Bible

The verbal and plenary inspiration of the original writings of the Bible and its inerrancy as God’s Word;

The Godhead

One God, eternally existing in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit;

Jesus Christ and His Work

The deity, incarnation, virgin birth, and sinless humanity of Jesus Christ our Lord; his substitutionary death on the cross as the atonement for man’s sin; his bodily resurrection from the tomb; his ascension into heaven to sit at the Father’s right hand; the imminent rapture of the church; and the personal, visible and pre-millennial return of Christ in power and great glory;

Creation and Fall of Man

The creation of man by the direct act of God and man’s subsequent fall, as revealed in the Genesis account;

Total Depravity of Man

The total inability of man to satisfy God by his own wisdom, strength and good works;


The power of Christ, by the grace of God, to save all men from the penalty of sin through faith in his shed blood, and the gift of eternal life to those who believe;

Work of the Holy Spirit

The convicting, regenerating, baptizing, sealing, indwelling, sanctifying, illuminating and empowering work of the Holy Spirit;

The Church

One true church, which is the body of Christ, composed of all regenerate believers, whose mission is to be a witness to Jesus Christ, the head of the body, and to proclaim the gospel of reconciliation to the world;


The bodily resurrection of all men – the saved to everlasting glory in the presence of Christ, the unsaved to everlasting punishment in the lake of fire with Satan and his minions.

Why Prison Mission Association?

Joe Mason had a burden to reach inmates and started PMA in 1955 to help those who trusted in Christ so they could be grounded in God’s Word and transform lives!

There are 2.2 million men and women inmates in the United States. 92% will be released. 2/3 of released inmates will return to prison within 3 years.

“Prison Ministry is The Most Fruitful Mission Field in Our Country – Lennie Spitale, author of the book, “Prison Ministry“ Heb. 13:3 “Remember the prisoners…

We offer FREE Bible Correspondence Courses in English & Spanish and work with many other prison ministries!

 This is what sets us apart from other prison ministries.

We build an ongoing relationship, helping them to grow in their walk with God, with deeper Bible Study.

Upon completing the self-paced 35 lessons, the student may earn 6 credit hours at Berean Bible Institute.


PMA provides Bible Correspondence courses at no cost to inmates in all 50 states with the goal of reaching prisoners for Christ, developing Godly leadership and planting churches in prisons

Prison Mission Association
PO Box 2300
Port Orchard, WA 98366

Pastor Dwight Anderson, Director

What Some Inmates Tell Us:

“I was reading the Prison Fellowship Newspaper, “Inside Journal”, and I noticed the PMA free Bible correspondence course.  I want to learn more about the Bible and, yes, I’m interested in taking the course in English.  I want to learn more so I can lead other unsaved souls to Jesus Christ


“I have done various Bible studies throughout my incarceration and have completed most and am still working on some.  But your Bible study lessons are really thoughtful and get me thinking which sharpens my focus on God’s Word.” 


Washington Corrections Center, Shelton, WA

“I like this study more than some others I have done because you don’t simply expect me to parrot back the ‘correct’ answer according to the text.  You reference everything according to the Scriptures and you expect me to think about what it means.”  


Ohio State Penitentiary

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