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Students who complete the entire BCF course can earn credit through the Berean Bible Institute of West Bend, Wisconsin.

To maintain the integrity of the lessons the answer keys are not available on this page. For those who maintain a BCF ministry and are in need of the answers requests may be made for access to the answers by sending an email to the PMA director, Dwight Anderson. ( For more information about taking the BCF lessons for course credit contact the Berean Bible Institue (

PMA has a set of one page Bible Studies that answer commonly asked questions by young believers. These lessons may also be downloaded and used in your ministry. This  list of practical lessons called Essential Bible Studies are helpful for any ministry to use!

Essential Bible Studies  and  Topical Bible Studies by Pastor Andrew Hollier

We praise God for our dear friend, Pastor Andrew Hollier, in Australia. He has given us permission to use his trifold Bible Studies on key topics. We have them now on our webpage here.   We have over sixty of them. We will post six of them every week over the next 10 weeks! So, check our website each week to get the newest Bible Studies!

#1 Dealing with the Demons of the Past

#2 Forgiveness and Spiritual Growth

#3 Reasons Heaven is out of this World

#4 Five Misconceptions about being a Christan

#5 Beyond the Crystal Ball

#6 Ten Keys to Christian Courtesy

#7. Dealing with Depression-PMA trifold

#8 Decision Making and God’s Will-PMA trifold

#9 Answers To Probing Questions-PMA trifold

#10 Experiencing the Presence of God_ Psalm 4-PMA trifold

#11. Do You Know-PMA trifold

#12. Seven Names Of God-PMA trifold

#13 Getting To Know God-PMA trifold

#14. Accepted by God-PMA trifold

#15 How To Create A Daily Devotion Plan

#16 Blessings of Easter-PMA Trifold

#17 What If There Was No Resurrection-PMA Trifold

#18. The Power of His Resurrection

#19.The King Is Coming- PMA trifold

#20. Seven Great Names of Jesus – PMA Trifold

#21. The Case For Christ-PMA Trifold

#22. The Living Church-PMA trifold

#23 Lest We Forget-PMA trifold

#24. We Are One-PMA trifold

#25. The Lord’s Supper-PMA trifold

#26 Bible Basics That Bind Us Together- PMA trifold

#27 How Do You View God-PMA Trifold

#28 How Should A Christian Behave-PMA Trifold

#29 Formed for Fellowship-PMA Trifold

#30 Dealing With Guilt-PMA Trifold

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