DO YOU KNOW? – The Bible IS God’s Word

It is a wonderful experience as Christians to gather in Jesus’ name and study the Bible – which is God’s Word.

In our meetings, we truly enjoy our studies together as we consider many different topics in the light of what God says.

It is good from time to time to review some of the Bible basics that hold us together in Christian unity. They are Bible truths that are believed and taught by many Christian denominations and by which Christians are spiritually linked forever!

We can know the specific basic Biblical truths that form the unity of the Christian Faith. There are core truths laid out for us in the Bible, which are among the most significant and essential elements that form the basis of the Christian Faith.

To read the rest Please Click here to download the rest of #11. Do You Know-PMA trifold

We praise God for our dear friend, Pastor Andrew Hollier, in Australia. He has given us permission to use his trifold Bible Studies on key topics. We have them now on our webpage. scroll down and to the right side of the lesson webpage.  We have over sixty of them. We will post one for our blog every week over the rest of this year! So, check our website each week to get the newest Bible Studies!




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