Spanish Training Tools

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Focus on all 12 Seeds

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Free Training Tools in Spanish

Click on the images below to download free training tools.

Leader-Mentor Guide – Condensed

For experienced & inexperienced leaders

This 2-page guide includes all you need to know to get a 12 Seeds class, group or mentoring relationship going.
Includes: a suggested agenda and a brief introduction to four different “Training Tracks.”

Introductory Worksheet (also included)

with Leader’s Guide

This simple worksheet is a good way to introduce a study of relationships to your class or group. Includes a leader’s guide that gives you answers to the fill-in questions and enables you to concentrate on what members of your group are saying.

12 Semillas Posters

These posters can be used in discussion groups, break rooms, home schools or ​Sunday school classes as you focus on individual seeds.

Each poster contains the definition of one seed, plus the theme verse and two additional Bible verses. For more emphasis, copy posters on brightly colored paper.

Click on the seed name to download the poster.


12 Semillas

12 Seeds


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