“Dear PMA, I am really thankful for your ministry because it is reaching many people around the country and I can witness that all of your hard work and efforts are paying off with good fruits and God willing more on the way.

That the grace, love, and mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ be with everyone and their families at PMA.

Also, I have been talking to the chaplain in our facility about the course I am doing through you and he is interested so I told him that I would send you his email so you can contact him. He would love to talk with you about some things and how you can both work together to help more people find the love, joy, the way, and truth in Jesus Christ.

Thank you for your time and willingness to listen and help me to accomplish my calling and duty. That the peace, provision, and protection of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all today and forever. God bless you all. Sincerely yours, Jose D., Davis Correctional, Holdenville, OK.

Since 1955, Prison Mission Association (PMA) has focused on “Reaching Prisoners for Christ” by providing Free Life-changing Bible correspondence courses to inmates in all 50 states and overseas, with the goal of planting churches behind bars.

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