We appreciate all the cards, letters, love and support over the last few weeks since my back surgery! Thanks for your prayers. Good News!!  I had a follow-up checkup with my surgeon this week and he was very happy with new x-rays of my spine, he said its looks really great! He said I can drive a car now. I have to wear a back brace for two more months. After that he said I will have to do some core exercises as after wearing the brace for 3 months my stomach muscles will be very weak.

 The doctor increased what I can lift from 10 lbs. to 15 lbs. now.  It still hurts to get up or down or move when I am lying down where they operated but I don’t have the sciatic nerve pains like before. He said I have to do 4- 15 min walks each day and get to 6- 20 min. walks in about a month from now. So its 2 hours of walking each day.  So pray that I will be able to get to this. I just don’t have the energy and stamina now to do anything close to that. I have been doing 2 or 20 min. walks right now each day. Then sometimes a longer one every other day. 

Pray for our PMA outreach team at Stillwater, MN prison this Thurs, Oct. 19 and outreach team at Oak Park Heights, MN prison on Oct. 30.

Now that I can drive, please contact me about coming to share what God is doing in the prisons and our vision to plant churches in prisons with your church fellowship!

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