about_2How to Pray for Inmates:

Prayer is essential for Prison Mission Association. For any prison ministry to be truly effective, it must have a solid foundation of prayer. In prayer, we call upon God for resources that He alone can provide in our battle against the spiritual forces of darkness. (Eph. 6)

 1. Pray for prisoners and their relationship with God, that they would:

  • Experience His love
  • Put their faith and trust in Christ’s death, burial and resurrection for salvation – 1 Cor. 15:3-4
  • Allow God to work in them and accomplish His purpose in their lives
  • Earnestly seek God and get involved with chapel services and other Christian programming offered within the prison.
  • Study God’s word and complete our PMA lessons to build Biblical leadership and train them for ministry, helping them reach inmates for Christ!

2. Pray for prisoners to grow in godly attributes, that they would:

  • Respect the authority of the prison staff
  • Be able to control their temper
  • Exhibit the fruit of the Spirit – Gal. 5:22
  • Experience genuine remorse for the harm they have caused their victims, and that they would seek to make amends as appropriate and possible.

3. Pray for prisoners’ relationships with their families, that they will:

  • Be committed to keeping in touch with their spouse and children
  • Be able to maintain a strong connection with their family, despite being separated
  • Experience reconciliation in strained or broken relationships
  • Enroll their children in our PMA Children’s Bible correspondence courses

4. Pray for prisoners and their relationships with other inmates, that they will:

  • Make Godly friends to support and encourage them
  • Stay away from harmful associations that will lead them astray
  • Be a friend to the lonely, the discouraged, the lost
  • Share their testimony so they can reach others with God’s love – 2 Cor.5:18-20, helping to plant churches in prisons.

5. Pray for prisoners’ protection, that they would:

  • Resist the snares of the evil one, Satan – James 4:7
  • Shun drugs and other types of contraband that get into prison
  • Be safe from sexual assault and other forms of victimization
  • Be healthy and free from serious illness

To fulfil our goal of planting churches in prisons, we need to build a strong prayer base as we move forward in following God’s call! Thank you for praying, supporting and volunteering so we can make an eternal difference in the lives of many!

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