At our recent PMA board meeting, June 6, 2015, we discussed our 10 year vision for PMA. God has been leading over the past year to bring this all together for us to share with you today and ask for you to pray with us as we seek to honor and glorify Him in this way! You can download a trifold brochure with all this info so you can share it with others. click this link: PMA 10 yr Vision 2015 Trifold  Click Here for link to Youtube video that explains it

Prison Mission Association provides Bible Correspondence courses at no cost to inmates in all 50 states with the goal of reaching prisoners for Christ, developing Godly leadership and planting churches in prisons.


As PMA celebrates the past 60 years of what God has done, it’s a great time to reflect on what God would have us do for the future! We want to uphold the heartbeat of our founder, Joe Mason’s vision to “Reach Prisoners for Christ”.

With Prisons being “the most fertile harvest field on this planet” we believe the time has come to develop our Bible Correspondence courses with Biblical Leadership and church ministry training to equip them to “Reach Prisoners for Christ” and plant Churches in prisons!

With this new vision we will “Reach more prisoners for Christ” and fulfill our mission more effectively by using a grass roots approach by mobilizing the inmates to be part of our ministry to inmates!

So in effect, we would be “Helping Inmates Reach Inmates for Christ”. Which we feel is the Pauline Biblical model set out in 2 Tim.2:2. This will help us multiply our outreach to bring the Gospel of the Grace of God to those who need to hear it, are most receptive and looking for purpose and meaning to life!

With the growth and expansion we have experienced over this last year, we need a way to process and correct all these lessons that is cost effective and practical.

This vision the Lord has given us, helps us reach our mission utilizing qualified inmates who have plenty of time to correct lessons! They can distribute lessons saving us postage and faster delivery times as we continue to see our volume explode over the next few years.

10 yr. Vision for PMA “Vision 2025” for the Glory of God!

Phase 1 (Completed) – We Doubled our lessons we send out now!

We are thankful for how God has helped us reach this goal to win more inmates to Christ!

Phase 2 – Establish Regional Hubs for correcting lessons and raise full time support for the PMA Director, Dwight.

We have started a Midwest hub in Minnesota now to help handle our increased volume of lessons to process. We have had 17 instructors come forward. Pray for people to invest in God’s Vision as Pastor Dwight is only part time so full time support is needed to start Phase 3!

bible study

Phase 3 – Develop Biblical Leadership & Church Planting Ministry Curriculum.

There is potential for us to develop a leadership movement that could be huge.

As we identify and train leaders in the prisons, these inmate leaders would supervise the correcting the lessons and distributing them in the prison. They recruit students and shepherd their small groups, these can become the core of planting a church in that prison. Pray for us as we put together the Biblical Leadership and ministry training courses.

Phase 4 – Training Prison Pastors with Local Church Pastor’s mentoring help.

Finding a local church pastor and church that would adopt this prison pastor in training and mentor them.

That local church might sponsor the funding to print the lessons or print and deliver the PMA lessons to the inmates in that area. We have some inmates we know that are in for life and would be good candidates for this leadership role. Pray for God’s leading through this whole process, providing and guiding for His glory!


Phase 5 – Celebrate a Multiplication of Prison Churches.

Each fully trained PMA pastor in the prison will have their own elders and local leadership for that ministry. When we have our first church planted in a prison, we can duplicate this in all 50 states for the glory of God!!

Please pray, give and volunteer! We need YOUR help to develop this model of evangelism and church planting that will be reproducible and encourage many new churches to be planted across this nation!

You can join the PMA team by:

  • Praying and receiving prayer updates.

  • Volunteer to help.

  • Supporting this vision with monthly support.

  • Giving a one-time gift for this new vision.

Please make checks payable to: “Prison Mission Association

mail to: PO 2300, Port Orchard, WA 98366

 Or give online

“He who wins souls is wise.”  Proverbs 11:30

For more info, please contact  Pastor Dwight Anderson, Executive Director, Ph.612-423-3457


There are some great examples of how God has blessed when leaders in prisons have planted churches behind bars. To hear the amazing story of how God worked this out at Angola Prison, Louisiana.  Here is a video report:


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