A little over 30 years ago, I did not know peace. There was a void in my life and I would fill that void with temporary things like pornography, alcohol, drugs, and money. But I did not find peace in them. Then I end up going to prison and that is where another brother who had the peace I was searching for and also the love that I needed – the love of Jesus who brings eternal life to me. It was like opening up a package which was His gift to me, Praise the Lord!

The Blood Jesus shed on the cross washed away my sins. This is what the brother shared with me about what happened in his life. That was God’s love he made available to everyone who believes in what he did for us on the cross. But the important part was He was resurrected so we serve a living God through Jesus!

The Correspondence course with Prison Mission helps me to do Bible studies so I can grow in God’s grace I received by faith in Jesus. Because at this prison camp here we do not have many Bible studies we can do so I do the ones through the mail. Your studies help me so I can apply what I learn to my life. And that is what they are doing, I study these verse by verse to really know God’s truth each and every day. So, I thank you for sending them to me so I can grow in Christ Jesus. God bless you and thank you! “

– John K., Calhoun Correctional in Blountstown, FL.

Since 1955, Prison Mission Association (PMA) has focused on “Reaching Prisoners for Christ” by providing Free Life-changing Bible correspondence courses to inmates in all 50 states and overseas, with the goal of planting churches behind bars.

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