This week we will conclude our series for our weekly blog, looking at the Power and Benefits of Correspondence Courses. This is Bonus! Part 11 of 10. Why Study by Correspondence?

11. Earn 6 credits from Berean Bible Institute, Slinger, Wisconsin if you

      complete all 35 PMA lessons.

Each student whether in prison or not, if they complete all our PMA lessons successfully at their own pace can apply at BBI to have these credits.

You might be wondering if this is something for you. This program is designed for everyone who wants to grow in their knowledge of Scripture, and serve the Lord in many areas of ministry. Who can take  advantage of this opportunity?

  • A former inmate who has been out for 6 months and is involved in a local church
  • A Christian who would like to grow deeper in their relationship with Christ
  • A Christian who is looking into full-time ministry

The bottom line is, if you want to take steps to the next level of your Christian walk, this program is for you! When you finish all the PMA lessons, you contact Berean Bible Institute to apply for this program.

Here is review of last 10 blogs giving you the complete list:

1. The courses are instructional and Biblically sound!
2. Offer a unique and proven way to make Christ known in the jails and prisons.
3. They test for comprehension.
4. The Student receives personalized instruction – even if they move to different facility with the mail we can stay connected sending to all 50 states!
5. Flexible studying times – They are available to the inmate 24 / 7 thus allowing him or her to have Bible teaching every day of the week (as well as something to do in cell).
6. There are a variety of courses to learn from.
7. They are excellent teaching tools – they can reach into every area of the jail or prison.
8. They are FREE for inmates. You can download all our lessons for free-
9. It is systematic so gives a good overall Christian world view and understanding.
10. Allows an inmate to achieve a goal – the student receives certificates for successful completion

Next weekend, We start a new blog topic- “Why are jails/prisons the most fertile spiritual harvest field on the planet?” In my first year as director, I have found this to be true. People have asked me why I say this so I will give you 10 reasons I have found so far, next week will be reason number 1.


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