“These Prison Mission Association Bible studies have been of great help to me, I have learned much of how I am permanently united to God and follow His teachings.  I was a drug addict and always thought I would return to that vice and my drunkenness, but thanks be to God that by means of all of you that send us these lessons to help lost people like me who are in the darkness, we can come to the Lord God and our Lord Jesus Christ. Now I feel completely different. I AM different, I think differently, I do things differently and the most important is that I spend the majority of my time learning about the life of Christ and really like that a lot. I enjoy my time with Him because it brings peace and tranquility and my hope in this life and I am thankful for the growth that I can see in myself. I have plans now to serve the Lord when I get out of here and will dedicate myself to go to prisons to encourage others that with God everything is easier, just your well-being is better and He gives eternal life. I want to serve the Lord and I am doing it already. I have begun to teach the Bible here in the Pod, and every Monday it is my turn to lead the group and I believe that each time it is done through the help of the Holy Spirit who works in me. I hope to never depart from the communion I have with God and that the Spirit will never let me go from His power, which I plead with all my heart. The Lord is the one who helps me grow spiritually and I ask Him that He give me an opportunity to return to my family and win them to Him. I put all into His hands to do His will. – Ricardo P. in Eloy, AZ

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