Testimony from a PMA student:

“The seeds of God’s word have been planted in my life since early childhood. I’ve attended church most of my life, even though I did not have Christian parents. I said the words for salvation many years ago, but have lived my whole life following my own will.

I’ve had no hesitation accepting any drugs that came my way. I’ve been drinking alcohol since my early teen years. I’ve had no restraints to living an immoral lifestyle. I’ve stolen, lied and cheated on every girl friend and all of my ex-wives.

I started reading the Bible about 2-1/2 years ago. ‘Again’ I prayed for God to truly save me and change me. He has and the Holy Spirit has been at work in my life every since then! I’ve read my Bible every single day since then, and it has made me different on the inside. Studying the Bible fills a hunger for a deeper, more fulfilling relationship with God, not just getting something from Him.

My addictions to drugs and alcohol are gone, and I have self-control over my temper and wrong desires. I now desire the better things God wants for me, like Christian fellowship, Christian relationships, and conversations that honor Him. I see His glory in everything. My desires are now for family unity, and true Christ-like love for people. I don’t want any part of my old life or conversations that revolved around it.” — Robert T.

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