As we reflect over this past year, we have been so blessed with reaching thousands of men, women, and children of those affected by incarceration. Thank you all for your prayers, love, volunteer work, and support that makes it all possible.

We need your prayers for a new project and urgent need at our home office in Port Orchard, WA. Our water well has dried up. Our only option is to drill a deeper new well and estimates quote say that it will be over $20,000 for the complete new well, water pump, pipes, and system!

Please consider a one-time gift to help us with this URGENT project. Just mark your gift WATER PROJECT. We thank you in advance for your help in this project!

We are renting a port-a-potty in the meantime but pray for us to be able to provide water for our staff and volunteers as soon as possible.

Please call Pastor Dwight Anderson for more info 612-423-3457.



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