“I decided to follow Christ because I realize that He died on the Cross for my sins and by His holy blood we were redeemed, and from his wounds, we have been healed. God has worked in an incredible way in my life. First, He took me out of the world of darkness in which I existed, He gave me joy, peace, love, and happiness when I accepted Christ into my life as my only and great Savior.  Everything changed then for me and my home and my family. 

 God worked in such an unexpected way, changing the course of my life in the world where I thought I was KING among my supposed friends, but what I didn’t know was that I was very wrong, but thanks to the gift of love from the One that died on the Cross for me, He opened my eyes and the truth was that I was nothing more than a dead human being.

But now, YES, I can say that I am a king, because I am the son of the All-Powerful, the King of Kings, and Lord of Lord.  Amen.  Thanks to all of YOU and the lessons that you send that have helped me change this life of perdition when I came to know Christ, to one that He can now value and use.  Thanks, blessings.” — Denis V. – Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Since 1955, Prison Mission Association (PMA) has focused on “Reaching Prisoners for Christ” by providing Free Life-changing Bible correspondence courses to inmates in all 50 states and overseas, with the goal of planting churches behind bars.

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