Why are prisons the most spiritually fertile harvest field on this planet? Part 6 of 10

People have asked me, why do I say that prisons are the most fruitful spiritual harvest field on this planet? I would like to share 10 reasons with you over the next few weeks and thank you for investing prayer, money and time to help us bring Glory to God as inmates and their families come to faith in Christ.

For review here are the previous five:
1. Most inmates are very discouraged. They need to hear the Good News and Hope that only comes from God’s Word.

2. In prison, they have plenty of time to study God’s Word.

3. Many are looking for purpose and meaning to life (Living for Christ gives an eternal purpose) Ephesians 3:9-13

4, In prison, there are fewer worldly distractions (No cell phones, no internet, etc)

5. All inmates need to be loved (The Word of God tells the truth of the ultimate source of love)

This week we look at #6. In prison, they have time to reflect on the bad choices they have made and many looking to change.

You may have heard, “Hindsight is always better than foresight.” Does this proverb mean: People see and understand things more clearly after they’ve happened than before they’ve happened? I think so and with many inmates, they have time to reflect back and consider what they have done in the past.

Pray for inmates who are doing our Bible lessons to apply God’s word to their lives and see a real transformation. Rom. 12:2.

It is there in jail or prison, they finally meet the Lord. Some for first time, others for the last time. It is where the rubber meets the road!

God maybe calling you to minister to their broken lives with words of Love and Compassion by visiting your local prison or volunteer/ donate to help PMA get lessons into prisons. God gives His Words to us of Hope, Salvation and a New life! How blessed are we to be able to be God’s ambassadors of love and hope!

Next week we will look at reason #7. Please continue to pray with us and our vision to see Godly leaders developed and churches planted in the prisons as we follow God’s leading. We need more prayer partners, financial support and volunteers to help us reach this goal of spreading the Good news of the Gospel of the Grace of God!

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